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Air Testing and Consulting
Dr. Richard A. Cassidy

6160 St. Joe Cemetery Road - Tell City, IN 47586

in 1996

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Air Testing

Air sample analyzed by
gas chromatography for:

  • Heptachlor
  • Cis Chlordane
  • Trans Chlordane
  • Aldrin

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Analytical/Consulting Company
6160 St. Joe Cemetery Road
Tell City, IN  47586
(888) 836-4489
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In 1993 Dr. Richard Cassidy developed a method to detect low levels of chlordane, heptachlor, and aldrin in indoor air.  This method collects the insecticides on solid sorbent which are then thermally desorbed into a gas chromatograph equipped with an electron capture detector. This state-of-the-art procedure reduces sampling time while increasing sensitivity and reproducibility.

Before you invest in a home

Usually the time required for analytical results is 5-8 days from the time you request the kit; however, rush services are available for an extra fee.  Once you receive the kit, you simply attach the sorbent tube to the pump, place on a table or chair, and collect sample for 100 minutes. The procedure is completed by returning the kit using the enclosed FedEx shipping label.  Within 2-4 days of receipt, I will analyze your sample(s), call you with the results, explain potential health risks associated with the contaminated home, and recommend remediation approaches - an excellent investment to ensure the air of your current or future home is safe.

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