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Health Risks

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Once inhaled, these insecticides are converted by the liver to stable toxicants and carcinogens called epoxides (heptachlor epoxides, oxychlordane, and deildrin) that travel in the blood attached to cholesterol and triglycerides, and accumulate in the fat of cells. Chronic exposure to chlordane, heptachlor, or aldrin have been linked to many types of cancer, neurological, immunological, reproductive, and accelerated aging effects.

These compounds are hormone disruptors and produce symptoms commonly found in older individuals.  From conversations with hundreds of exposed customers and published human studies, higher exposures result in more severe symptoms - symptoms not usually seen until 10, 20, or 30 years later in the lifespan.

Other Effects :

Lung Cancer, High Cholesterol Levels, Low Testosterone, & Hair Loss.

Reproductive Effects :

Early Onset of Menopause (mean ages in US is 51), Undescended Testis, Breast Cancer, & Prostate Cancer.


Headaches (Migrane), Anxiety, Fatique, Confusion, Chronic Jerking Movements, Insomnia, Learning Disabilities in Children, Brain Cancer, & Parkinson Disease

Respiratory/Immune System :

Upper Respiratory Infections (Sinusitis, Bronchitis), Asthma, History of Allergies, Chronic Phlegm Production, Painful Breathing (Pleuritic Chest Pains), Anti-DNA Antibodies (ADA) in Blood, & Cold or Numb Fingers.


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