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Dr. Richard A. Cassidy

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Dr. Richard Cassidy

Dr. Cassidy is uniquely qualified to assist you in accessing your exposure to toxic/carcinogenic insecticides.

He has:

  • Analyzed hundreds of contaminated homes in over 10 years of service.
  • Correlated exposure levels with symptoms.
  • Consulted in remediation plans for contaminated homes.
  • Conducted research in chlordane’s health effects.
  • Experienced personal health effects after living in a contaminated home.

Education: Dr. Cassidy received a Doctorate of Toxicology from the University of Cincinnati Medical School, a Master of Science in Toxicology from University of Kentucky, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Evansville.

Experience:   Dr. Cassidy supervised environmental/industrial hygiene, and biomedical research laboratories for the Department of Defense as a Commissioned Army Officer. Since retiring, he has focused his energies on helping his customers find healthy homes or remediate contaminated ones, and has designed and built a healthy home on the farm of his childhood.

Research:   While supervising laboratories, he conducted research in several medical fields resulting in 9 peer-reviewed publications that have been sited over a hundred times by various scientists. Three of these publications dealt with the health effects of chlordane. He showed that one of the breakdown products of the chlordane mixture (heptachlor epoxide) was linked to breast cancer, that these breakdown products decrease survival following severe injury, and that pregnant rats exposed at low levels produced offspring with altered nervous and endocrine systems (see publications). This last publication was selected for outstanding research in environmental toxicology and a synopsis was published in“Quintessence: Excellence in Environmental Contamination &Toxicology”. Dr. Cassidy’s biographical sketch can be found in “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering”.


Dr. Cassidy's Publications on Chlordane's Heath Effects

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